In addition to our drilling records, we are even more proud of our record for providing outstanding customer service. Every new customer relationship has resulted in repeat business, and that is a clear indication of a job well done.



There is simply no substitute for experience. Combine our mass amounts of quality experience with the hands on approach of Carolina Underground Solutions' management team and the hard work ethic of our employees, and you can trust your project will be done right, on time, on budget, and safely.

Not only do we have mass amounts of experience in the drilling industry, we are also passionate about our projects. You will never find Carolina Underground Solutions LLC leaving a project unfinished, or completed in a manner which is unsatisfactory to your needs. We look forward to any new projects or challenges that you may present to us so we can prove to you just what all we are capable of.

Here at Carolina Underground Solutions LLC, we are not only passionate about our projects, but also the relationships we develop with our clients. This passion, which we believe to be essential to good business, has led to our achievement of superior customer service and a perfect record of repeated business.

We believe that as a business, it is our job to provide you with open, honest, and frequent communication during your project from start to finish. When Carolina Underground Solutions commits to complete any job that you need done, you are given direct interaction and we'll make sure you are always updated on every aspect of your crossing, from budgeting to pipe pulls.

We’ve proven this with every new customer to date, and we look forward to proving it with you.​​​

When worksite will not allow for directional boring equipment, pneumatic missile boring can be utilized.  Our method of pneumatic missile boring is perfect for compact work sites and completely eliminates the need for a large, cumbersome, and costly directional boring or drilling rig in most cases.

Trenching can be achieved by a wide variety of methods, such as backhoe, excavator, mini excavator and chain trencher. We can use any of  these methods to complete the trenching that is required and use the proper method to minimize disruption to the surrounding area.

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- Vacuum Excavating

- Missile Boring

- Trenching & Plowing

- Handhole Placement

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Carolina Underground Solutions offers trenchless technology, vacuum excavating, missile boring, handhole placement. We don't typically engage in hyperbole, but we will say that no matter what industrial problem you have, we've already been part of the solution.


We are a leader in air-vacuum excavation systems, having pioneered the use of high-pressure air delivered through our premium nozzles to expose underground utilities. Our underground utility locating equipment is designed to dig potholes and trenches in any kind of soil.

Missile Boring

Trenchless technology has opened up doors to many new and interesting developments. Projects that were once thought too grand in scale to be reality are now being successfully completed. The greatest ambitions of pipeline professionals are now in the realm of reality and the industry has celebrated some truly remarkable milestones.

Underground construction can be a complex maze of paperwork, permits and regulations.  Our network of underground construction crews are trained and experienced for your underground utility projects. Our knowledge in handhole placement makes us uniquely qualified for all your underground construction projects.

Vacuum Excavating

Handhole Placement

When you call upon a company for horizontal drilling, whether it be for natural gas, utility, crude/product, telecom, or any other pipeline project, you need to work with someone that you can trust to provide the upmost quality of work. In order to find someone that you can trust, you need to search for a company with the right experience and equipment, not to mention, safety and environmental records to get the job done on schedule and on budget. You need to know you are going to the most qualified place to get the job done right.

For directional drilling anywhere in the world, the choice is clear. Carolina Underground Solutions LLC,  successfully completes even the most challenging HDD crossings.